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Help Rays fans say “thank you” to Carl Crawford

Tampa Bay Rays fans are pretty clear-eyed about Carl Crawford leaving the team. It’s business. It happens. It makes no sense for the Rays to try and match big offers. They’re happy that he was in town for so long and wish him well on his future endeavors that do not involve playing against the Rays. Nice, really.

And the guys at DRays Bay are even trying to say good-bye to him. They’re taking up a collection to buy a full-page ad in the paper wishing Crawford the best of luck. I kind of like it in a “aint’ it meta for a website to be organizing a print campaign” kind of way. It’s fun.

So if you’re so inclined, go here to help make a donation to the cause, which will take about $2,800 in total. You can see the proposed ad they’re going to run here.

No word if Rangers fans will be doing the same for Jeff Francoeur, but I’ll keep you posted.