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The five greatest trade deadlines in baseball history

Randy Johnson Astros

#!dcdisplay fpb0i0fs10Code=BBN:National_League_Baseball; Date~07.09.1998; Slug=Reds_Astros; Source=AP; Time~21:02; Type=Picture; ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐ fs16bJOHNSONfs12b0 <> Houston Astros’ Randy Johnson delivers a pitch in the third inning against the Cincinnati Reds, Monday, Sept. 7, 1998, in Houston. Johnson pitched a complete game shutout as the Astros beat the Reds 1-0. (AP Photo/Tim Johnson) fpb0i0fs10ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐ fpi0bfs16Digital Collections/IPTC fpb0i0fs10CREDIT~AP; Category~S; Municipality=Houston; Photographer=Tim_Johnson; State~Texas; TransRef~HTA104;

Yesterday in the Twitter questions I mentioned that I had banned two of the three authors of The Platoon Advantage -- Bill and The Common Man; Mark remained in my good graces -- because they insisted on taunting me about the Hrbek/Gant play from the 1991 World Series and insisting that Aquaman was a legitimate super hero and not a pitiful sideshow freak.

Today I have had a change of heart. Partially because forgiveness is a good thing. But also because I have here in my hand a certified letter from both of them in which they swear under oath that Kent Hrbek should have been ejected from that game and that Aquaman sucks. It was so nice that they finally saw the light. I’ll post the letter when I get around to it, but my scanner is broken at the moment and, you know, stuff.

Anyway, with the ban lifted, I link you to The Common Man’s most excellent post about the five greatest trade deadlines of all time.

After reading you’ll realize that Hunter Pence could be traded to the Tehran Mullah Sox for a bag of black market uranium, and 2011 still wouldn’t compare.