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Danica Patrick talks escape from Peru, life under lockdown

Danica Patrick explains to Mike Tirico how she is staying mentally and physically healthy as an introvert during the COVID-19 pandemic and details her escape from Peru with Aaron Rodgers.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed everyone’s lives.

With virtually the entire world on lockdown, few if anyone is unaffected by the new changes in daily life in some form.

Danica Patrick and her boyfriend Aaron Rodgers were on vacation in Peru when the pandemic began to spread, and the two of them quickly made their escape home.

“We kind of got word at the very last minute that we had to leave 9:30 in the morning because Peru was shutting its borders down by 10 a.m.,” Patrick told Mike Tirico on Lunch Talk Live Thursday afternoon. “We found this out at midnight the night before.

“When we got there (at the airport), it was just crazy. There were people everywhere and it kind of reminded me of standing on the grid before any race.

Fortunately, both were able to make it home safely, but like others, Patrick has found a lot more free time on her hands as the world began to lockdown.

In the meantime, she’s been sharing her morning workouts on Instagram Live.

“I’ve also realized that you’re going to have the understanding of yourself and the people around you as to whether or not you’re an introvert or an extrovert,” Patrick said. “Either you’ve settled into this and you kind of like it, or you’re getting a little bit uncomfortable with the lack of people and hugs and touch and communication. You know that about yourself then. I guess it wasn’t until this time that I really realized just how much of an introvert I am.

“I like being home, I like taking care of people, I like playing house, I like making meals, I like working out from home. I am a self-starter, so I can work out by myself. While I’d love a change of scenery and I love traveling, I do love being home.”

While it may come to a surprise to some that a public figure like Patrick would enjoy so much time to herself, Patrick said that it was a discovery she made late in her racing career.

“I realized probably 5-6 years ago how much I really needed alone time. I learned that when I lived in North Carolina,” Patrick said. “I would take the dogs for long walks in the woods and do my yoga practices by my self. Once there was a gym built on the property, I started working out by myself, and I realized I really don’t need people.”