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2022 Supercross Power Rankings after Round 8: Jason Anderson and Eli Tomac battle head-to-head

Supercross Round 15 Anderson

The cream continues to float at the top of the Monster Energy Supercross 450 Rankings after Round 8 with the top five in the rankings earning 13 of the available 15 top-fives in last week’s Triple Crown format at Arlington, Texas.

Eli Tomac scored his third overall win on consistency as he finished the night with a perfect record of podium finishes. Tomac had a bad start to the first race, but advanced to third as riders made mistakes during the evening.

But his last two races ended as the runner-up to Jason Anderson and losing those head-to-head matchups might be the precursor to a change in momentum as the series hits the halfway point.

The good news for Tomac fans is that Supercross heads to Daytona this week, where Tomac has been all but perfect in recent seasons. Last year, he tied Ricky Carmichael for the most Daytona wins at five.

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Malcolm Stewart continues to do everything except win an overall feature. Last week, in Race 1 of the Triple Crown, he challenged for the feature victory until an ill-timed pass by Anderson sent both riders to the ground. Stewart made his displeasure known throughout the evening, but managed to keep his overall top-five streak alive at seven races by finishing 5-6-3.

Chase Sexton’s Supercross Power Rankings after Round 8 is weighed down by two disappointing finishes in the past 45 days. He was 11th in Race 1 of the Glendale Triple Crown and 16th in the Main at Minneapolis. The remainder of his efforts in heats and features have been seventh or better in that span.

AT&T Stadium was extremely kind to Cooper Webb last year as he swept three separate nights of racing. It appeared he would regain his form this year with a win in Race 1, but he failed to podium in the next two features. Still, he swept the top five in Arlington with a pair of fourth-place finishes and a third overall.

450 Rankings

1. Eli Tomac (Last week: 1); [3 feature wins, 4 heat and wins]
2. Jason Anderson (2); [3 feature wins; 4 heat wins]
3. Malcolm Stewart (3); [1 heat win]
4. Chase Sexton (4); [1 feature win, 5 heat wins]
5. Cooper Webb (6); [2 heat wins]
6. Justin Barcia (5); [1 heat win]
7. Marvin Musquin (7)
8. Dylan Ferrandis (9)
9. Ken Roczen (8); [1 feature, 1 heat win]
10. Aaron Plessinger (9)
11. Vince Friese (NA)
12. Shane McElrath (12)
13. Dean Wilson (11)
14. Justin Brayton (13)
15. Josh Hill (18)
16. Brandon Hartranft (14)
17. Mitchell Oldenburg (15)
18. Kyle Chisholm (17)
19. Max Anstie (19)
20. Justin Bogle (20)

A wild night of racing at AT&T Stadium for the 250 East riders shook up their part of the combined Supercross Power Rankings after Round 8.

Christian Craig continues to hold the top spot overall as Jett Lawrence experienced some trouble in Arlington. Hunter Lawrence (third), Michael Mosiman (sixth), Jo Shimoda (seventh) and Vince Friese (eighth) remain in the top 10 as the 250 West series continues be on hiatus.

Cameron McAdoo moved up to second overall and is now the top rider in 250E after winning one of the three Triple Crown races and sweeping the podium. The ability to stay out of trouble was a key differentiator in Arlington.

Jett Lawrence had a bad start to his first race and ended the final feature dejectedly in 10th after making a minor mistake that ended in a major accident. In between, he won the second feature and was running third midway through Race 3.

The incident that demoted Lawrence to 10th in Race 3, likely ended the season for Austin Forkner. After making a thrilling pass on Forkner for third in the final bowl turn before the finish line, Lawrence clipped a Tuff Blox as he launched off the face of the jump, sending him to the right and across Forkner’s front wheel.

Forkner landed hard and broke his collarbone. He fell to 10th in the Power Rankings, (fifth among 250E riders), with a 19th-place finish in Race 3, but he was showing a lot of speed earlier in the night with a win in Race 1.

Third-ranked among the 250E riders, Jeremy Martin stands fifth in the combined standings after scoring two podium finishes in the Texas Triple Crown and finishing second overall.

Mitchell Oldenburg had a solid, consistent night in Arlington with finishes of 5-6-5 in the three feature races. Those results, and his fourth-place finish in the overall, rocketed him up the Supercross Power Rankings after Round 8 from 18th overall to ninth. He is the fourth-ranked rider in the 250E division.

250 Rankings

1. Christian Craig - W (1); [4 feature wins, 7 heat wins]
2. Cameron McAdoo - E (8); [1 feature win, 1 heat win]
3. Hunter Lawrence - W (5); [1 feature win, 2 heat wins]
4. Jett Lawrence - E (2); [1 feature win, 1 heat win]
5. Jeremy Martin - E (8)
6. Michael Mosiman - W (7); [1 feature win, 3 heat wins]
7. Jo Shimoda - W (10)
8. Vince Friese - W (12)
9. Mitchell Oldenburg - E (18)
10. Austin Forkner - E (3); [1 heat win]
11. Nate Thrasher - W (15)
12. Enzo Lopes - E (14)
12. Jordon Smith - E (16)
14. Stilez Robertson - E (10)
15. Garrett Marchbanks - W (20); [1 heat win]
16. Carson Brown - W (21)
17. Jalek Swoll - W (22)
18. Phil Nicoletti - E (18)
19. RJ Hampshire - E (3); [1 heat win]
20. Pierce Brown - E (6); [1 heat win]
Triple Crown wins included with Heat wins

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