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D-League: Taping over the Swoosh

The NBA’s D-League -- you know, where your team’s rookie that can’t see the court goes to get a little burn -- is an Adidas league.

Adidas sponsored jerseys, sweats everything. That includes shoes. Every team gets plenty of Adidas shoes, and players are supposed to wear them. Except that some -- many? -- of the players in the league grew up on Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and Nike. And they want to wear the swoosh.

“Under the agreement with the league, players are also required to wear adidas footwear -- and we provide teams with sufficient footwear for the players,” according to a statement from adidas issued to FanHouse. “They have to cover the logo if it is a non-adidas shoe.”

So players who choose not to wear the provided adidas kicks are asked to tape over the rival logo with athletic tape. Not exactly a fashion statement, but not the end of the world and nothing that should affect their game on the court.

Not that many players are doing it, because you still need to get a written exemption for the right to tape over a swoosh. Nobody is saying exactly how many. But if you’re at a Toros game and a guy has tape on his shoe, you’ll know.