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DeMar DeRozan dislocates finger, it is gross


In last night’s Raptors preseason finale, DeMar DeRozan dislocated his finger. I’m not talking like “oh, it got bent out of shape” like your cranky boss gets bents out of shape. I’m saying his finger was placed in a position to which it is not natural to point. I’m not kidding. It was gross. Seriously G-R-O-S-S. Don’t believe me?

Take a look.


DeRozan popped it back into place, which I can only imagine is one of the most pleasant experiences known to man. He then returned to action and played. If I dislocated my finger, you would not be reading any words from me. I would be done. Still, it’s a bad start for the Raptors. Beyond, you know, losing their franchise player, having their first round pick tear a meniscus and generally be expected to fail this season.