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Draymond Green says he’s unbothered by Steve Kerr’s comment

During the Warriors’ loss to the Suns on Sunday, Golden State coach Steve Kerr appeared to say, “I’m so f—ing tired of Draymond’s s—.”

Did the lipreaders get it right? Kerr didn’t seriously object to the characterization. Instead, he deadpanned, “The lip-readers were wrong. What I said was, ‘I beg to differ with Draymond’s approach tonight.’ Those are my exact words. I don’t know how somebody misconstrued that.”

That’s as close to confirmation as we’ll get.

It’s easy for Kerr to joke off the moment. He wasn’t the one criticized.

How did Green feel about it?

Green, via Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area:

“Nah, it don’t bother me,” Green said after practice Tuesday night. "[Thing] happens, it is what it is. I’m sure there’s plenty of times coaches are tired of players, and sometimes players are tired of coaches. I don’t take it personal -- it is what it is on that one.”

Green and Kerr have had their rocky moments. Green and many Warriors have had their rocky moments.

Green often irritates people. He’s smart and proud and stubborn and sometimes short-tempered. It’s a volatile mix – one that often, though not always, helps Golden State.

But Green also cares a lot about winning. I don’t think he wants to add drama as the playoffs approach.

I’m not entirely convinced Green was unbothered by Kerr, even accidentally, telling the world how fed up he was with Green. But if Green is willing to put this issue to rest, that’s what matters most.