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Is it time for the Spurs to blow it up?

On 48 Minutes of Hell, Graydon Gordian has a must-read post up on the state of the once-mighty Spurs. Graydon doesn’t waste any words in saying what he thinks about the team’s chances at a title this season:

“The Spurs are not going to win a title as currently constituted. To some this may seem obvious, to others overly pessimistic. Either way it is clear to me that not a single member of the Spurs is playing at the level necessary to win a title.”

Graydon goes on to say that he only considers three Spurs untouchable at the moment, and it’s not the three you’re thinking of:

There are three players that I am unwilling to trade: Tim Duncan, George Hill, and DeJuan Blair. In my opinion everyone else, to differing degrees, is on the table.

Graydon is of the opinion that the Spurs should be trying to get whatever they can for underachieving acquisition Richard Jefferson, and is even a supporter of trying to move Manu Ginobili’s expiring contract.

It’s never easy to admit when a team has run its course, especially one as successful as the Spurs. The Spurs front office has had an amazing run of putting the right players around Tim Duncan over the years, and now they face having to make drastic changes to the team. It’s probably the right thing to do, however. Tim Duncan is having one of his best statistical seasons, and until his body really starts to go, the Spurs should always be thinking championship or bust.

Age has finally made the Spurs into just another team fighting for a playoff spot in the Western Conference. They still have Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich, so the window is still open. However, the Spurs are going to have to make some tough decisions if they want to return to their former glory before the end of the Duncan era.