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Kevin Durant is your scoring champ whose insurance still hasn’t dropped

Kevin Durant plugged in 31 points tonight, wrapping up the NBA scoring title, averaging 30.1 points a game.

He’s 21 years old.

Durant is the youngest player to lead the league in scoring. He’s the youngest player to average 30 points in a season.

Dang, ya’ll. Like, for real. That’s some serious stuff, man. Heavy.

Okay, enough of that. Durant is an offensive revelation, and his improved defense and rebounding, as well as leadership have helped the Thunder to make the playoffs a year ahead of schedule, But this isn’t about wins or leadership or fundamentals. This is about buckets. Durant could very well have the absolute best range in the NBA now that Kobe Bryant’s finding age happens to everyone.

His release point isn’t abnormally high, but with his length, it’s still at a point most guys need a step ladder to reach. His release is quick enough to be able to get off nearly any shot. And now that he’s starting to get the calls worthy of a player of his ability, his numbers will only improve in efficiency, if not volume.

So now we turn our attention to the Thunder in the playoffs, and see if Durantula can make a statement against the reigning master of clutch in the NBA, Kobe Bryant.