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LeBron James, are you tired? “I’m averaging a triple-double in the Finals. I’m pretty good.”

Kevin Durant is a big reason why the Warriors hold a 2-0 lead over the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have asked a lot LeBron James these Finals — facilitate the offense on one end, spend time guarding Kevin Durant and Draymond Green on the other. He has to be the best player on the court for Cleveland to have a chance in any game.

So far he’s been brilliant, but he’s also faded in the second halves as he’s appeared to get tired. We’ve seen him hanging on his shorts, and we’ve seen the numbers: In the first half of two Finals games LeBron is averaging 18.5 points on 65 percent shooting, but in the second half it falls to 10 points on 44 percent. He settles for more jumpers and doesn’t get to the rim the same way.

So LeBron, are you getting tired?

What did you expect him to say? Clearly, LeBron is getting a little tired in the second halves, but it’s because he’s human and the Cavaliers are asking a lot of him — and not giving him much help. When LeBron goes to the bench for a little rest, the Warriors tend to go on runs. If the Cavs bench can play better at home Wednesday night and get LeBron a little more rest, it will be a big step in the right direction for a team that needs a win. Desperately.