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Spurs go “loco,” read whatever political statement into that you want

In the wake of the “Los Suns” controversy --and if you don’t think it was controversial, check out our commenters on the story -- the Suns/Spurs series shifts to San Antonio.

Another former part of Mexico. Another city with a lot of Mexican influences. Another city with a large Hispanic population. Another city where immigration issues can boil to the surface.

And the fans tonight in San Antonio will be wearing white T-shirts that say, “Fantastico! SenSAtional! Loco!” according to’s Sekou Smith.

Loco? As in crazy? Is that a little political statement from the Spurs?

You can decide for yourself. The Spurs are not wearing their “Los Spurs” uniforms tonight.

If the Spurs themselves don’t go a little crazy, this series will be over soon.