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39 years ago today, the Colts abruptly left Baltimore for Indianapolis

Mike Florio and Chris Simms evaluate how likely the Colts are to make a trade for Lamar Jackson, considering factors such as draft compensation, money and front office strategy.

It’s hardly a round number, or even a memorable one. Other that Larry Csonka, which NFL player (or any athlete, for that matter) made a mark wearing 39?

But since the Colts currently are contemplating a potential effort to land Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, it makes sense to point out that, 39 years ago today, the Colts abruptly absconded from Baltimore.

Robert Irsay, Jim’s father, had acquired the team 12 years earlier, in a franchise trade with Carroll Rosenbloom, who ended up with the Rams.

Robert Irsay wanted the city to pay for improvements at Memorial Stadium, which as the attached photo shows was far from a high-end, modern venue. One thing led to another, and the Maryland legislature passed a law allowing Baltimore to seize the Colts from Irsay.

That prompted the team to load up the moving trucks and roll out of town.

Twelve years later, the Browns would move to Baltimore and become the Ravens. Since then, the former Browns have won a pair of Super Bowls. The Colts have won one.

Whether the Colts try to pilfer Jackson from the Ravens remains to be seen. But, of all days, today would be the day to do it.