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All quiet on the Sean Smith front


Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith entered free agency with the perception that he has plenty of suitors.

As the second day of free agency comes to a conclusion, there’s no evidence of anyone seriously chasing him. No offers, no visits. Nothing.

Of course, that’s a common dynamic for free-agent cornerbacks. Apart from Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie’s decision to sign for a year and try it all over again in 2014 (possibly after winning a Super Bowl), the cornerback market has been slow.

Some think that teams are waiting to see what does, or doesn’t, happen with Darrelle Revis. One source with knowledge of negotiating tactics explains that multiple teams have expressed a desire to wait until the weekend and go bargain shopping.

At a certain point, whispers of collusion will emerge. With the exception of the Dolphins and their compelling need to sell tickets and buy votes on an upcoming stadium referendum, who is spending significant amounts in free agency on multiple players?

The salary cap was put in place to prevent teams from spending like the Red Sox and the Yankees. With the only two teams still inclined to do that struggling with cap issues (the Redskins and the Cowboys), enough teams are exercising restraint that at a certain point it will appear to be institutional.