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Broncos’ Randy Gregory, Rams’ Oday Aboushi exchanged punches after game

Maria Taylor, Chris Simms, Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett take a look at where teams stand coming out of Week 16 and explore why the Buffalo-Cincinnati showdown will be critical in Week 17.

Broncos linebacker Randy Gregory and Rams offensive lineman Oday Aboushi exchanged punches after their teams met on Christmas Day.

Video taken after the game shows players on both teams shaking hands and hugging, but Gregory getting in Aboushi’s face. As Aboushi turned away from Gregory to shake hands with Broncos tight end Eric Tomlinson, Gregory swung at Aboushi and hit him in the head. Aboushi returned with a punch of his own. Other players then stepped between them. Both Gregory and Aboushi were wearing their helmets and neither appeared to be injured.

Gregory told reporters today that he did, in fact, hit Aboushi.

“Y’all want to know if I hit him in the mouth, I did,” Gregory said, via the Denver Post.

The NFL will surely discipline both players, and Gregory, as the instigator, could even face a suspension. It was an ugly performance for the Broncos on Sunday, and Gregory made it uglier afterward.