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Cap space as of March 15

[Editor’s note: Many of you have asked for an updated snapshot of team-by-team cap space. Here are the most recent numbers, as of March 15. These are not PFT calculations or estimates, but information regarding the official cap space obtained from a source with knowledge of the numbers. Transactions since Thursday will affect the numbers, obviously.]

Broncos: $40.0 million.

Bengals: $38.9 million.

Seahawks: $28.6 million.

Titans: $26.2 million.

Jaguars: $24.8 million.

49ers: $23.5 million.

Eagles: $22.3 million.

Bills: $22.2 million.

Browns: $21.6 million.

Chiefs: $21.4 million.

Buccaneers: $17.9 million.

Vikings: $18.8 million.

Rams: $14.6 million.

Chargers: $14.5 million.

Dolphins: $14.3 million.

Colts: $14.3 million.

Patriots: $13.6 million.

Lions: $13.3 million.

Bears: $12.8 million.

Jets: $12.7 million.

Redskins: $11.3 million.

Texans: $8.7 million.

Packers: $7.2 million.

Falcons: $6.0 million.

Steelers: $5.8 million.

Cowboys: $5.5 million.

Raiders: $5.0 million.

Ravens: $4.7 million.

Panthers: $3.1 million.

Saints: $3.0 million.

Giants: $2.3 million.

Cardinals: $448,000.