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Colin Kaepernick is “more motivated to play than ever”

Mike Florio wonders if the NFL's relationship with Colin Kaepernick will begin to thaw after a weekend that saw Roger Goodell post a video about standing up to racism and admitting fault in not listening to the players.

The early days of the shunning of Colin Kaepernick featured plenty of spoon-fed false narratives to media members who pushed facts that were alternative, at best. Now that the NFL is facing unprecedented public pressure to put Kaepernick back in the league, a new false narrative could be emerging.

Consider this lede from chief Associated Press NFL writer Barry Wilner: “It certainly would be a difficult decision for Colin Kaepernick to make. Yet if he comes to the realization that his platform of advocacy is now stronger than ever, attempting a return to the NFL might be unwise.”

Wilner argues that Kaepernick should consider giving up returning to the NFL and focusing instead on the work he has done over the last three years.

“Whether Kaepernick has thought about giving up the quest to return to pro football is impossible to know unless he speaks out about it,” Wilner writes. “But he probably should be considering it.”

He’s not. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Kaepernick is in great shape, and he wants to play. And he is “more motivated to play than ever” to the NFL.

It will be interesting, and probably not coincidental, if other reporters and analysts begin pushing this same theory. But few players end up with a bigger platform when, you know, not playing.

Regardless, Kaepernick wants to play. No opinions from the AP or anyone else, whether crafted organically or with a nudge from someone with the league office or a team, will change that.