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Deebo Samuel says he’s endured death threats and racist comments

Mike Florio and Myles Simmons don't hold back on fans regarding Deebo Samuel revealing that some people have been sending him death threats recently.

49ers receiver Deebo Samuel has earned a major contract. The issue became a major focal point in recent days, after Samuel removed all references to the 49ers from his social-media accounts.

Fans of the team are aware of the situation. And they’re letting Deebo hear about it.

Samuel has posted a video in which he says he’s getting death threats and racist comments in his direct messages on social media. It’s sad and it’s shameful, but it’s not surprising. Fans consistently line up behind the laundry when contract disputes arise. The player, in the eyes of most fans, is always at fault -- even if the team is being unfair or unreasonable. Because the player, in the eyes of most fans, is the one who should be happy with whatever he’s getting.

Death threats happen consistently on social media. For whatever reason, they’re don’t seem to be investigated and prosecuted in the same way that, for example, a death threat delivered verbally or in a letter mailed to someone’s house would be.

It’s not just 49ers fans. Fans of every team behave this way. Shut up and entertain us. Quit being greedy or selfish. Take whatever they give you.

It’s bullshit. It’s wrong. The players take the physical risks. The players are the reason people tune in. The players need to get what they can while they can. And the fans need to understand that they’d want the same thing for their son, their brother, their nephew, their cousin, their friend, or themself.