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Deion Sanders makes case for everyone to get vaccinated

Mike Florio explains the situation with Jackson State coach Deion Sanders, who wants to be referred to as "coach," after calling out a reporter who referred to him by his first name.

The pandemic continues to linger, in large part because too many people are still refusing to get vaccinated. Hall of Fame defensive back and Jackson State coach Deion Sanders is trying to get those who have hesitated to get their shots.

“One of the reasons this is very important is because first and foremost, we want to preserve life,” Sanders said Friday, via the Dallas Morning News. “Everybody’s talking about what they would do, what they’re not going to do, what they don’t trust, what they don’t trust. We trust a lot of things, but we need to trust the right thing. . . .

“One thing about this vaccination, it preserves life. I want a chance to win. I want a chance to dominate. I want a chance to take this university and these young men and women to another level. How am I going to do that if I’m not here?”

Sanders can be criticized for various things (like his insistence on being called “Coach”). He can’t be criticized on this; he’s using his platform and his voice in an effort to save lives.

“Life is everything, you can’t win if you ain’t in,” Sanders said. “Think about that.”

Some will say that Sanders should stick to sports or that no one will or should listen to him or whatever. However, if he persuades only one person who is on the fence about the vaccine to get it, it’s well worth his time to say the words and to welcome the flak from those who don’t want to get vaccinated and don’t want anyone else to get vaccinated, either.