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Florida authorities have “no idea” regarding the “biggest name” report

How Antonio Brown became a diva under Mike Tomlin's watch, breaking down the quarterback tiers and Mike Florio's potential career as a stand-up comedian are among the Best of PFT.

Friday’s bombshell was, for a while, overcome by a bigger bombshell. It’s unclear whether the second bombshell ever will explode.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Patriots owner Robert Kraft isn’t the “biggest name” involved in the investigation that has Kraft and many others accused of solicitation of prostitution. That sparked rampant speculation regarding the person to whom the “biggest name” belongs, with plenty of likely innocent names being dragged into the discussion with absolutely no evidence that they have any involvement whatsoever.

But here’s the problem. There’s currently no proof of a “biggest name,” and no reason to understand why the authorities would be holding a “biggest name” so close to the vest, after releasing a long list of other names, including Kraft’s.

Nobody around here has any idea what [Schefter] is referring to,” state attorney spokesman Mike Edmondson said, via Diana Moskovitz and Kelly Naqi of

So maybe the “biggest name” will emerge, proving Schefter right. And maybe the “biggest name” won’t, proving Schefter the opposite. Either way, the clock is ticking and speculation continues and it will be unfortunate for those who have been linked without evidence to the case based solely on a claim that potentially ends up being incorrect.