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Giants, Odell Beckham inching closer to a possible “contract showdown”

Odell Beckham Jr. keeps waiting for his long-term financial reward and at this rate, it may not come from the Giants.

Good news, Giants fans: Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is getting closer to being cleared to practice.

Bad news, Giants fans: Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is getting closer to being cleared to practice.

Once Beckham gets a clean bill of health, ending his recovery from a broken leg that wiped out most of his 2017 season, a new chapter in his NFL career could be starting. And it could entail Beckham doing nothing until he gets paid something more than he’s currently due to make.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY explains the possibly looming “contract showdown” between the Giants and Beckham, which will happen if, once Beckham is cleared to practice, he refuses to do so.

Back in late March, when strident comments from Giants co-owner John Mara sparked days of speculation and rumor that Beckham could be traded, NFL Media reported that Beckham wouldn’t set foot on a field until he gets a new contract. Although Beckham has since set foot on the field during preliminary phases of the offseason program, Beckham has yet to participate in actual football practice, because he hasn’t been medically cleared to do so.

Once he is, what will he do?

There continues to be no indication that the Giants and Beckham are closing in on a new contract. Beckham reportedly wants more than $20 million per year. The Giants apparently want to wait before making a commitment, primarily for reasons unrelated to Beckham’s skills and abilities. Beckham arguably should refuse to put himself at any degree of physical risk until he gets what he wants.

And if the Giants are willing to give Beckham what he wants, the Giants possibly should trade him to a team that will.

However it plays out, everyone will know more about whether Beckham is willing to take a stand once he gets clearance to practice. And that’s apparently coming very soon.