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Inside the Jaire Alexander deal

Despite some strong regular seasons, a less-than-stellar postseason track record has kept Aaron Rodgers and the Packers out of the Super Bowl for over a decade.

The Packers have signed cornerback Jaire Alexander to a new contract. We’ve gotten a look at the numbers.

And now so will you.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, here are the terms:

1. Signing bonus: $30 million.

2. 2022 base salary: $1.076 million.

3. 2023 offseason 90-man roster bonus: $11.45 million.

4. 2023 offseason workout bonus: $700,000.

5. 2023 per-game roster bonus: $650,000 total.

6. 2023 base salary: $1.2 million.

7. 2024 offseason 90-man roster bonus: $8 million.

8. 2024 offseason workout bonus: $700,000.

9. 2024 per-game roster bonus: $650,000 total.

10. 2024 base salary: $6.65 million.

11. 2025 offseason workout bonus: $700,000.

12. 2025 per-game roster bonus: $650,000 total.

13. 2025 base salary: $16.15 million.

14. 2026 offseason workout bonus: $700,000.

15. 2026 per-game roster bonus: $650,000 total.

16. 2026 base salary: $18.15 million.

17. 2023-26 Pro Bowl escalator: $250,000 per year.

Alexander was already due to earn $13.294 million in 2022, with another $782,000 for a seventeenth game.

The deal pays out a total of $98.076 million over five years, if all per-game roster bonuses are earned. That’s an average at signing of $19.615 million.

Removing the salary he was due to earn in 2022, the contract has a new-money average of $21 million.

Only the signing bonus is guaranteed. The Packers continue to refuse to fully guarantee money beyond the first year of a veteran, non-quarterback contract. Only the Bengals do the same. The Steelers broke that precedent last year with T.J. Watt’s contract.