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Judge ends Michael Oher conservatorship

Former NFL tackle Michael Oher has gotten part of what he wanted. But that was the easy part.

Via the Associated Press, a judge has ended the longstanding conservatorship that the Tuohy family had secured.

Oher initiated an effort to end the conservatorship and to secure a full accounting as to money received in his name for The Blind Side, a film regarding the Tuohys taking in Oher, before he enrolled at the University of Mississippi.

The Tuohys have said they won’t fight Oher’s desire to end the conservatorship. The thornier issue relates to the money, and the case will continue on that point.

In ending the arrangement, Shelby County Probate Court Judge Kathleen Gomes expressed dismay that the conservatorship was ever permitted. She said that she had never seen a conservatorship for a person who was not disabled in some way.

“I cannot believe it got done,” the judge said.

This suggests that she will take a very close look at everything that happened, searching for any irregularities or proof of chicanery. Whether she finds it is a different issue; it seems fairly clear that she will be looking for it.