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Kareem Hunt trade possibilities could hinge on Monday night’s outcome

From star QBs to top defensive players in the league, Mike Florio and Chris Simms name which players teams would never consider trading, no matter how appealing of an offer.

The Browns have an underachieving team and a disgruntled running back whose contract expires after the current season. To no surprise, then, trade chatter has emerged regarding whether Kareem Hunt will land with a new team by next Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Reports definitely will emerge that the Browns are getting calls for Hunt, because calls are constantly made at this time of year for players who are or may be available in trade. The Browns have no reason to conceal it, because they want to get the best possible offer for the player.

The question is what will it take to get a deal done? A league source tells PFT that the Browns want a Christian McCaffrey-style haul. That’s excessive, but that’s where the Browns apparently are.

For now.

That could change if/when they lose to the Bengals on Monday night. If the Browns fall to 2-6, they may need to start thinking about loading up assets for improving the team in 2023, especially since Hunt will be gone after 2022, anyway.

If they beat the Bengals and more to 3-5, the vibe could be different. The Browns may be more inclined to hold Hunt, unless they get the kind of offer they want.

The broader point is this -- teams may not know how aggressively they’ll be selling or buying until after the Week Eight games are played. The Browns play the very last game of Week Eight. That outcome may be the key to whether the Browns will take what they can get, or try to get more than anyone wants to give.