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More on the modified overtime proposal

Florio usually takes the overtime posts because, well, he hates it more than he hates a costly 12-men on the field penalty.

But he’s gone for the evening, and we already have an update to the modified sudden death rule the competition committee is considering for the playoffs.

Here’s how the proposal will look, according to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello.

“Both teams would be guaranteed a possession unless first team with the ball scores a touchdown,” Aiello tweeted.

“If the first team to get the ball kicks a field goal, the other team gets the ball. If it doesn’t score, the game is over. If the second team with the ball ties it with a field goal, the game continues until someone scores.”

So the proposal won’t be the first team to score six points wins, as we initially thought. You can win on a field goal if you prevent the other team for scoring.

I don’t hate the old overtime as much as Florio, but this proposal is an improvement from the current system. It would add excitement, strategy, and some fairness to overtime.

The only part we don’t understand: Why would the change be good enough for the playoffs, but not the regular season?

That part isn’t logical, but this proposal is a good to start to possible change. Now it just needs to pass.