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Nick Caserio on Texans’ quarterback situation: We’re all at the same point

Michael Holley and Michael Smith agree that the Texans have quietly done a "phenomenal" job in free agency and the 2021 draft class, despite not having much selection to choose from.

Deshaun Watson remains on the Texans’ roster for now, but he’s not expected ever to play for the team again. Watson faces 22 civil lawsuits, and at some point, the Texans will trade him.

The Texans drafted Stanford quarterback Davis Mills in the third round, and he joins a quarterbacks room with Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Finley. None of them played for the team last season.

But then, the Texans have a mostly new coaching staff, too, though Tim Kelly remains as offensive coordinator.

“We’re all at the same point, essentially,” Texans General Manager Nick Caserio said of his quarterbacks Monday at the Houston Texans Charity Golf Classic. “We’re early in the offseason program. It’s a teaching time of year. So, the next phase will be Phase Two, so that will entail some other things. Again, we’ll take it one step at a time. We’re not going to put any unreasonable expectations on anybody. It’s kind of a waste of everybody’s time. It’s how do they improve? Can they make adjustments? What do they do one day? OK, can they stack multiple days together? Look, they’re going to have setbacks. You’re going to go out there [and] you’re going to have a bad play. OK, how do you respond to that? Can you make the adjustment? Do you understand why that happened? Those are the types of things right now that are really important.”

Mills played only 14 college games, and Caserio downplayed his eagerness to see Mills in particular during the rookie minicamp this weekend.

“I think we’re eager to see everybody,” Caserio said. “You’ve got to be careful going out there watching one throw and making a judgment off of like, guy made a great throw; he looked good today. Honestly, I don’t even know what that means. Again, it’s about stacking days on top of each other and just having a good series of days, weeks, months and then by the end of let’s call it minicamp or whenever that is that they actually have something in place to feel confident so when they go out there in training camp, they can actually go out there and perform at whatever capacity they can.”

Taylor is expected to win the starting job for this season. What happens after that is anyone’s guess, including the Texans.

“I’d hate to speak for Nick or coach [David] Culley, but I think what they would probably say is they’ll take whoever they have and they’ll go play wherever it is,” Texans chairman Cal McNair said. “If it’s in the parking lot, if it’s out here on the golf course, if it’s in the stadium, they’re going to take that team and go try to win.”