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Other teams would oppose Tom Brady going from owner to player

Michael Holley and J.A. Adande have some questions about Tom Brady joining the Raiders as a minority owner.

As Tom Brady waits for his purchase of a percentage of the Raiders to be approved, there is a question as to whether the other owners will require him to provide a commitment that he’ll never play again. Separately, he would need a 32-0 vote of ownership to let him join the team after becoming a roster.

From a business standpoint, all teams should want Brady to play. I want him to play. He’s great for business. He generates interest in the game.

The problem, as one or more teams likely will see it if Brady ever tries to play, is that Brady’s status as an owner makes him essentially an extra member of the roster in waiting. Someone who could be signed on an emergency basis who has been attending meetings and practices and knows the offense and the systems and can get quickly up to speed.

So if Brady is approved and if a unanimous vote would be required to let him play, don’t expect the vote to be unanimous.

The concept isn’t unprecedented. In 2009, the Eagles tried to sign Matt Nagy, who was on the coaching staff at the time, to play in a preseason game. More recently, the Broncos wanted to put a couple of assistant coaches on the roster for the no-quarterback COVID game that was handled by receiver Kendall Hinton. The league said no.

Count on at least one owner saying no if Brady tries to play after his purchase is approved. Given the basic premise underlying the objection, and given that multiple other teams have had the door slammed in their faces, count on more than one objective.

Thus, if Brady is in any way thinking about playing for the Raiders this year if/when the Jimmy Garoppolo situation implodes, Brady should wait a year to buy a piece of the Raiders.