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Patriots cameraman offered to delete Bengals sideline video on the spot

Mike Florio believes the alleged "Spygate 2.0" will be enough motivation for the Patriots to march into Cincinnati and beat the Bengals by a hefty margin.

A week after Spygate 2 became a thing, one of the videos generated that day has come to light.

Jay Glazer of FOX obtained video of the conversation between Bengals security and the Patriots videographer regarding the effort to videotape the sideline of the Bengals last weekend in Cleveland.

“Come on guys,” the Bengals representative can be heard saying.

Told that they were there to film in connection with the activities of an advance scout, the Bengals representative says, “I don’t see the advance scout in this footage.”

The Patriots representative then says, “I can delete this right here for you.”

“The damage is done,” the Bengals representative then says.

Indeed it was. The incident has now become one of the biggest issues in the league, due in large part to aggressive efforts by the Bengals to flag and to push the issue, especially if they have any responsibility for leaking the video or otherwise fueling and feeding the story.

It all makes for an interesting interaction between Bill Belichick and Zac Taylor after today’s game. While the safe assumption is that Belichick will give Taylor a frosty, half-hearted handshake, Belichick could be mad enough about the situation to give Taylor a piece of his mind, Chuck Noll vs. Jerry Glanville-style. That would underscore for anyone watching Belichick’s insistence that the Patriots’ football operations did nothing wrong.