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“PFT Commenter” visits PFT on Thursday

I didn’t piece him together in a lab with a variety of mismatched body parts and the brain of Abby Normal. But PFT (more specifically, the comments section of PFT) spawned at some point in the not-too-distant past the Twitter parody account known as PFT Commenter.

And PFT Commenter has donned his best Frankenstein blazer as he prepares to storm the castle on Thursday.

Yes, PFT Commenter is a real person. He’s coming to West Virginia for a real visit to PFT headquarters. In exchange for inviting him to my office (which is also my home), I’m now among the very few who know his true identity. I’ve vowed to tell no one. I’ve honored that promise so far, in part because I already have forgotten his real name.

Mr. Commenter reached out to me with a request to visit in order to observe how football takes are made, or something, as part of a season preview he’s writing for SB Nation. After doing my due diligence on the man behind the Colbert-style football faςade (at least I think it’s a faςade), I decided to invite him to join me for PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, and then to hang out for a bit after the show ends.

So if you were looking for another reason to listen to PFT Live today, dial us up at Sirius 213, XM 202, or at noon ET for the three-hour extravaganza, which will definitely be a different kind of experience for me, for PFT Commenter, and for pretty much everyone.

The best part of the visit from PFT Commenter is that it’s made PFT Live producer Rob “Stats” Guerrera extremely nervous about what may happen once the man with the hottest taeks in football gets his hands on a microphone.