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PFT’s Week 12 2020 power rankings

Mike Florio and Charean Williams express their surprise at Cam Newton's comments, as the Patriots quarterback didn't say if he was interested in staying with the team next season.

1. Steelers (last week No. 1; 10-0): No one seems to notice they’re chasing an undefeated season, which makes it easier to keep chasing an undefeated season.

2. Chiefs (No. 2; 9-1): Would the Chiefs be favored to beat the Steelers? Definitely. Would the Steelers still find a way to win the game? Probably.

3. Saints (No. 3; 8-2): Sean Payton is a genius, if there was any doubt.

4. Bills (No. 8; 7-3): A showdown with the Steelers is looming, and a division title is waiting.

5. Rams (No. 10; 7-3): They may be the most balanced team in the league.

6. Colts (No. 11; 7-3): An up-and-down team that lately has been more down than up, the Colts have another test on Sunday against a Tennessee team looking to settle scores.

7. Packers (No. 4; 7-3): Blowing a 14-point lead didn’t seem to bother Aaron Rodgers nearly as much as it should have.

8. Seahawks (No. 12; 7-3): #LetRussSimmer > #LetRussCook.

9. Titans (No. 13; 7-3): As long as special-teams failures don’t doom them, they can play with anyone.

10. Dolphins (No. 5; 6-4): Tua’s first real test will be shrugging off his first benching.

11. Cardinals (No. 6; 6-4): The margin for error is shrinking, and they still have three games in the division.

12. Ravens (No. 7; 6-4): The season is suddenly on the brink, and the Steelers definitely won’t go any easier on them because of it.

13. Buccaneers (No. 9; 7-3): The Bucs don’t have a prime-time problem; they have a big-game problem.

14. Raiders (No. 14; 6-4): A third game against the Chiefs in the playoffs is mandatory.

15. Browns (No. 15; 7-3): It was boring, it was ugly, and it was sufficient to keep the Browns on track for the playoffs.

16. Bears (No. 18; 5-5): They won big by not playing, given that the other three teams in the division lost.

17. Broncos (No. 21; 4-6): The Broncos are the chronic C-minus student who periodically brings home an A.

18. Vikings (No. 16; 4-6): It was fun while it lasted.

19. Patriots (No. 17; 4-6): It was fun while it lasted.

20. Panthers (No. 23; 4-7): Against the Lions, Panthers quarterback P.J. Walker likely felt he was back in the XFL.

21. Falcons (No. 20; 3-7): Nine points isn’t nearly good enough, with two weeks to get ready.

22. 49ers (No. 22; 4-6): A year after being the No. 1 seed, they could still make a run at No. 7.

23. Giants (No. 24; 3-7): The Giants were on a bye this past weekend, so for a more accurate ranking, see you next Tuesday.

24. Washington (No. 27; 3-7): Alex Smith isn’t the Comeback Player of the Year; he’s the Comeback Player of the Century.

25. Texans (No. 28; 3-7): When it comes to finding a new coach, the presence of Deshaun Watson more than makes up for the presence of Jack Easterby.

26. Eagles (No. 25; 3-6-1): The Eagles are sticking with Carson Wentz because, through 2021, they’re stuck with Carson Wentz.

27. Lions (No. 26; 4-6): No recount necessary of the points scored by Detroit on Sunday.

28. Cowboys (No. 30; 3-7): The key to winning, apparently, comes from coach Mike McCarthy emulating the acts of over-the-hill comedians.

29. Chargers (No. 29; 3-7): Justin Herbert got a Stand By Me haircut just in time to see the dead body known as the Jets.

30. Bengals (No. 19; 2-7-1): Without Joe Burrow, this team has nothing.

31. Jaguars (No. 31; 1-9): It’s sort of amazing that they keep showing up each week.

32. Jets (No. 32; 0-10): The 2008 Lions and 2017 Browns may soon get to crack open a bottle of Ripple that’s gone flat.