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PFT’s Week 14 2020 power rankings

Rumors have started swirling about Bill Cowher's interest in the Jets job, and Mike Florio and Chris Simms debate whether he'd be a good fit to help New York.

1. Chiefs (last week No. 2; 11-1): Exceptional teams can periodically sleepwalk and still win consistently.

2. Saints (No. 3; 10-2): Sean Payton quietly is making a strong case for Canton.

3. Steelers (No. 1; 11-1): They’ve been so close to losing for so long, coach Mike Tomlin seems relieved that it finally happened.

4. Bills (No. 4; 9-3): The Bills are definitely ready for prime time.

5. Packers (No. 5; 9-3): It’s a shame that Aaron Rodgers had to sit on the bench for three years.

6. Rams (No. 8; 8-4): Let Cam Akers become the identity of the offense.

7. Dolphins (No. 9; 8-4): In Brian Flores vs. Any Player in the NFL, I’d bet on Brian Flores.

8. Browns (No. 11; 9-3): Cleveland deserves this. Cleveland could end up getting used to this.

9. Colts (No. 10; 8-4): A very good team will end up missing the playoffs in the AFC. The Colts could be that team.

10. Seahawks (No. 6; 8-4): A very good team will end up missing the playoffs in the NFC. The Seahawks could be that team.

11. Titans (No. 7; 8-4): The loss to Cleveland quite possibly was a fluke. If it wasn’t, the Titans could end up on the outside looking in.

12. Buccaneers (No. 12; 7-5): In the not-so-subtle battle of Bruce vs. Brady, Sunday’s bye-week return game against the Vikings becomes critical.

13. Ravens (No. 13; 6-5): The Steelers and Chiefs should be praying that the Ravens don’t make it to the playoffs.

14. Vikings (No. 15; 6-6): The hornheads recently have a horseshoe up their butts.

15. Patriots (No. 16; 6-6): They should have saved some of those 45 points for later.

16. Cardinals (No. 14; 6-6): The NFL has caught up with the Arizona offense.

17. Falcons (No. 18; 4-8): Good news, two games in 15 days against the Saints are done. Bad news, two games in 15 days against the Bucs are looming.

18. Raiders (No. 19; 7-5): If the Raiders make it to the playoffs, Jon Gruden should hire Gregg Williams.

19. Giants (No. 23; 5-7): Can they actually get to 8-8?

20. Washington (No. 24; 5-7): Can they actually get to 8-8?

21. 49ers (No. 17; 5-7): Every time it looks like it’s over for the 49ers, they win the next game.

22. Lions (No. 27; 5-7): The Darrell Bevell bump is real.

23. Panthers (No. 22; 4-8): They’ll soon get a chance to try to spoil their former coach’s playoff run.

24. Bears (No. 20; 5-7): The winds of change are blowing harder than usual in the Windy City.

25. Broncos (No. 21; 4-8): It’s a good thing fans aren’t there this year for home games, or they wouldn’t be.

26. Texans (No. 25; 4-8): Deshaun Watson continues to do everything he can to help an overmatched team win.

27. Eagles (No. 26; 3-8-1): Carson Wentz finally was fed a Hurts donut.

28. Cowboys (No. 28; 3-8): It’s been 12 days since the Cowboys last played, and no one seems to miss them.

29. Chargers (No. 29; 3-9): The Chargers, if looking for a new coach, should try to hire a current head coach from another team; more than a few surely would be interested.

30. Bengals (No. 30; 2-9-1): The Bengals are once again the third best team in Ohio.

31. Jaguars (No. 31; 1-11): The Trent Baalke bump is real, but it wasn’t enough to keep the losing streak from getting to 11.

32. Jets (No. 32; 0-12): Nearly a decade after he should have been permanently shunned from the NFL, Gregg Williams finally will be.