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Report: Russell Wilson rep asked for new contract


Bus Cook apparently doesn’t read PFT.

Cook represents Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. And Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that an unnamed representative of Wilson (i.e., Cook or someone who works for him) called the Seahawks this week “insisting that something be done” to adjust Wilson’s slotted third-round rookie contract.

Something definitely will be done. In two years.

As we’ve mentioned plenty of times (and specifically in relation to Wilson), the new CBA prevents rookie contracts from being renegotiated until three of the mandatory four years have been completed. While Mort gives Cook an escape hatch by suggesting that the call may have been placed in jest, it’s a joke that the statement was even uttered to the Seahawks.

Here’s the other reality, which Mort didn’t mention. There’s a chance that the request originated not with the agent, but with the player, who may have gotten the idea after Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic gushed about the fact that Wilson is destined to get an immediate raise. Though it doesn’t seem to be in Wilson’s nature to make a money grab, why shouldn’t he want to be paid at least as much as the free agent with the three-year, $26 million deal who is sitting on the bench? In contrast, Wilson signed in 2012 a four-year contract that pays out $2.996 million not per year but over its lifetime.

It’s another reason why the Seahawks need to trade Matt Flynn. Apart from the salary-cap benefit that comes from giving money committed to someone who isn’t in the starting lineup to someone who will be, getting rid of Flynn means getting rid of a constant reminder to Wilson that he’s getting paid peanuts in comparison to his understudy.

And, barring any discreetly-delivered briefcases containing something other than crackers, Wilson will be for two more seasons.

UPDATE 1:19 p.m. ET: Several already have asked in the comments and on Twitter whether the Seahawks could simply cut Wilson and sign him to a new contract. The answer is yes, if he clears waivers. But he wouldn’t clear waivers. Indeed, he wouldn’t get past the Chiefs, who hold the top spot in the pecking order -- and will continue to hold it through Week Three of the 2013 regular season.