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Roddy White wades into Kaepernick capgate


With 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick finally trying to put to rest a slow-news-week controversy that stirred up the fan base and a couple of old-school analysts, Falcons receiver Roddy White has decided to keep things moving a bit.

And to that we say, “Thank you.”

“Kap getting a lot of flack for that hat and I got like 4 Mitchell and ness throwback hoodies of different teams that I wear does that count,” White said on Twitter earlier this morning.

What created the mess for Kaepernick wasn’t wearing the hat but displaying a surprising amount of immaturity and/or tone deafness by reacting defiantly to the initial wave of criticism he received. Besides, he’s the quarterback of the 49ers and the emerging face of a franchise that has had many great players who would never have worn the colors or logos of any other NFL team. (At least not while playing for the 49ers.)

We admire White for taking a seat in the front row of the Kaepernick splash zone, but he probably won’t catch much flak. White is a proven veteran, he hasn’t been photographed in other teams’ colors and logos, and he hasn’t fired back at fans who objected.

Then again, there are still plenty of hours left in the day. So we’ll basically keep an eye on White’s Twitter page.