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Roger Goodell pokes fun at Twitter hack

The NFL's official Twitter account was hacked after someone sent out a tweet stating that commissioner Roger Goodell had died. Mike Florio discusses the next steps for the NFL.

On Tuesday, someone hacked the NFL’s Twitter account and announced that Commissioner Roger Goodell had died. Goodell responded with an attempt at self-deprecating humor, on Twitter. (Unless that too was a hack.)

“Man, you leave the office for 1 day of golf [with Jim Kelly] & your own network kills you off,” Goodell said.

It’s a mildly amusing observation from a guy whose public persona rarely reflects humor, and the responses on Twitter predictably range from profane to alarming to hilarious. But even Goodell’s effort to appear like one of the guys contains a small dose of tone-deafness, given that it wasn’t his “network” that “killed him off” but the league itself, through its official Twitter page.

With the league contacting law enforcement regarding the hack, any efforts at humor likely will end with Goodell’s tweet. Surely, the league will push for full and complete prosecution of whoever hacked into the 19.2-million follower account -- as the league should.