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Sherman goes off on Crabtree


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman thinks he’s better at life than Skip Bayless. Sherman also thinks he’s better at football than Michael Crabtree, and any other cornerback in the game.

From the field in Seattle moments after Sherman tipped to linebacker Malcolm Smith a would-be game-winning touchdown pass to Crabtree in the end zone, Sherman sounded off in an interview with Erin Andrews of FOX Sports.

“Richard, let me ask you, the final play,” Andrews said. “Take me through it.”

“Well, I’m the best corner in the game!” Sherman shouted. “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that’s the result you’re gonna get! Don’t you ever talk about me!”

“Who was talking about you?” Andrews asked.

“Crabtree! Don’t you open your mouth about the best! Or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick!”

Crabtree and Sherman exchanged pleasantries after the play, with Sherman drawing a penalty for the two handed choke gesture.

It’s fitting that we all heard so loudly from Sherman right after the game ended. Because we’re all going to be hearing from him over the next two weeks.

Whether we like it or not.