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Sparano won’t say whether Holmes will be a problem


We’ve developed a Ghostbusters-sized team, and one of our biggest challenges is to avoid crossing streams.

Gantt and yours truly each have pounced on recent remarks from a reformed Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man regarding receiver Santonio Holmes. The new guy got his story posted first. But there was one area of non-overlap in the comments from Jets coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN regarding receiver Santonio Holmes. And that allows me to salvage a chunk of the story that I laboriously hunted and pecked.

Asked directly by Paolantonio whether the man whose opinion regarding the two-quarterback system has caused some problems will himself be a problem in 2012, Sparano clammed up.

“I’m not gonna get into that, I’m not gonna comment that way, but I would say that everything I know right now with Santonio, he and I have gotten off to a really great start here and respect one another that way and I think the relationship will be a good one,” Sparano said.

Everyone has gotten off to a really great start with Holmes. The question is whether it will finish well. In Pittsburgh, it didn’t. And, after his second season in New York, it’s not heading in a promising direction.

Look at it this way. When the offense strayed in 2011 from “ground and pound” to “chuck and duck,” Holmes wasn’t getting the ball as much as he wanted it. Now that it’s back to ground and pound, we’ll soon be hearing Holmes’ opinion on a regular basis regarding his feelings on blocking for Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight, and Tim Tebow.