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Teams should be ready to chase Jason Garrett, too


If, as reported by ESPN, multiple teams may be hoping to interview Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, how many will be waiting to make a run at his boss?

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett enters the postseason one loss (or four wins) away from becoming a free agent. The contract he signed in 2011 expires once the 2014 season ends, and that contract has not yet been extended.

Some believe a loss could cause the Cowboys to move on. A loss now or a win in February should cause Garrett to at least explore his options elsewhere.

The Cowboys have done a nice job of focusing on the current season and ignoring looming contractual challenges, whether involving Garrett, running back DeMarco Murray, or receiver Dez Bryant. Most believe that owner Jerry Jones wants to keep Garrett, and that Garrett wants to stay.

Then again, most believed a week ago that the Bills wanted to keep Doug Marrone, and that Marrone wanted to stay. And then Marrone opted to hit the road when he had an opening.

Marrone instantly became one of the most coveted candidates on the market, despite a career record that’s below .500. Garrett is now 41-31, when including the eight games he handled as an interim head coach in 2010. So if Marrone has morphed into Vince Lombardi, shouldn’t Garrett at least be viewed as Tom Landry?

Sure, Garrett has his flaws. Every coach does. But Garrett brings something to the table that most candidates don’t -- 72 games of experience as a head coach, while finding a way to coexist with an owner who also has made himself the General Manager.

Given that both the owner and the General Manager in San Francisco couldn’t find a way to work with Jim Harbaugh, shouldn’t the 49ers at least wait a week or so for a chance to talk Garrett?