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Tebow’s dad thinks son will go in top 15 picks

The consensus now surrounding Tim Tebow’s draft stock is that he won’t make it out of the second round. His father, Bob Tebow, thinks he’ll go a lot higher than that.

“If the Jaguars don’t take him at 10, he’ll be gone by 15,” Bob Tebow told Sam Kouvaris of 1010XL in Jacksonville last week. (Click column “Is Tim coming here?” for full story.)

Don’t assume these are simply the words of a biased father. I have heard similar rumors that members of Tebow’s camp are convinced, right or wrong, he will go in the top half of the first round


Yes, this could easily be predraft scuttlebutt aimed at getting a team to jump on Tebow. But Bob Tebow’s matter of fact confidence comes from somewhere.

I’ve heard enough information from a separate source that makes me believe Tebow has a better chance of getting taken in the first round than the Mock Draft Mafia believes.

At the very least, clearly Tebow thinks he will be drafted that high.