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The Jets sell out opener, avoid blackout

This is not a post we expected to write.

We know the Jets weren’t really in danger of a blackout -- owner Woody Johnson would have bought any remaining tickets if he needed to. But it’s truly remarkable that this was even a question, four days before the opening of the most hyped Jets team in more than a decade.

ESPN’s Rich Cimini reports the team’s first game is officially a sellout, as of Thursday afternoon. There are still club seats available. There were roughly 1,500 non-premium seats available as of 10 days ago.

The Jets and Giants didn’t learn from the mistakes of the Mets and Yankees moving into their new stadiums. All four teams managed to out-price New Yorkers, a subset of people that have accepted being gouged on a daily basis. (Thanks for that $6 box of Shredded Mini Wheats, CVS!)

The team’s PSL prices were outrageous, and the single game tickets are more ridiculous. Giants season tickets used to be passed down for generations; there was a 140,000 person waiting list to get them. That list has evaporated, and the Giants are now advertising single game tickets on television for the first time in memory.

The Jets have struggled to sell their tickets more than the Giants. It will be interesting to see if we see swatches of empty seats as the weather gets colder. Just imagine if one of the teams --gasp -- falls out of playoff contention.