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Tim Tebow greeted by anonymous griping from Jets teammates


Mark Sanchez, you’re not alone anymore: Your new backup quarterback is being questioned by anonymous quotes from teammates, too.

Tim Tebow’s trade has just become official, and already unnamed Jets players are talking to reporters about why they don’t think it’s going to work. A New York Post story this morning is headlined “Some Jets wary of Tim circus,” and details that a number of players who will share the locker room with Tebow don’t think he belongs there. None of them, of course, were willing to put their names behind their opinions.

“Several current Jets, who spoke with The Post Saturday, asked not to be quoted but expressed disbelief at the team bringing Tebow in,” the story says. “The idea of a backup quarterback having a press conference is something they can’t wrap their heads around, and they know it’s just the beginning.”

The Jets have led the league in anonymous quotes since the season ended, with unnamed players opining to reporters about topics like Sanchez lacking the leadership the team needs and Santonio Holmes being a divisive presence in the locker room. That has led to a backlash, with Sanchez ripping anonymous sources as “gutless,” and Jets coach Rex Ryan saying anonymous sources don’t speak for the team.

But anonymous sources do speak for themselves. And some of the anonymous sources in the Jets’ locker room apparently don’t think highly of either Sanchez or Tebow.