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Tony Buzbee confirms additional Deshaun Watson settlements, seems interested in resolving the last case

Mike Florio and Chris Simms think the NFL has invited more criticism after Judge Sue L. Robinson decided to suspend Deshaun Watson for six games.

Of the 24 lawsuits filed against Deshaun Watson, only one case remains. And that one could be the next one to settle.

Attorney Tony Buzbee issued a statement on Monday confirming that three more cases have resolved.

“After lengthy and intense negotiations, I can confirm that, late last night, our team resolved three of the four remaining civil cases with Deshaun Watson,” Buzbee said. “We will continue to discuss the remaining case with Watson’s legal team, as appropriate. This case started because one woman had the fortitude to step forward and make her voice heard. Her courage inspired many others with the same experience. None of this saga would have occurred without that one brave voice. One person can make a difference.”

Buzbee also addressed the NFL’s disciplinary process, by not really saying much of anything.

“I have been asked repeatedly about my thoughts in regard to the NFL’s proceeding with Deshaun Watson,” Buzbee said. “Although some of my clients do have strong feelings in that regard, I have nothing meaningful to say about that process. I’ve said in the beginning that the civil process and the NFL’s disciplinary process are very different. My role was to advance the cause of my clients, in civil court -- nothing more. I’ve done that. I am extremely proud of these women and our legal team’s efforts. The settlements are confidential. I won’t comment further on them.”

If the cases had been settled last year, as they could and should have been, Watson possibly wouldn’t have been suspended at all. With clear and firm confidentiality agreements in place, the league would have had no power to compel any of the accusers to cooperate.

And if Watson’ camp had opted to engage Buzbee when he broached the possibility of settlement before the first case was filed, the entire escapade could have been avoided.

In that first case, Buzbee requested $100,000 on behalf of Ashley Solis. Twenty-three settlements, 16 months of legal fees, and a six-game suspension (subject to appeal) later, Watson surely has spent a lot more than that.