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Video shows officers forcibly removing Marshawn Lynch from car after he failed to comply with order to exit

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss the Seattle Seahawks quarterback competition as Drew Lock and Geno Smith look to capture the starting job ahead of the NFL season.

The body camera video generated during the arrest of former NFL running back and current Seahawks “special correspondent” has been released. And it is something. has posted the video. It shows Lynch being forcibly removed from the car after refusing to exit on his own.

He repeatedly tells officers the car won’t be going anywhere (it can’t; the tire and rim on the left front wheel were gone), and he declines to get out of the car.

“I’m not driving,” Lynch says at one point. “The car’s not on. What is the problem? I’m just asking what it the problem?”

Eventually, one of the officers explains that, if Lynch doesn’t voluntarily exit the car, he’ll be charged with obstructing an investigation.

“That is a criminal offense,” the officer says, “and you will go to jail. . . . Failure to obey a command by an officer, a lawful order, is obstructing.”

Shortly after that, Lynch is pulled out of the car and placed on the ground.

“Get on your stomach,” the officer says. “Hands behind your back. No more games.”

Another officer says that Lynch “does smell like alcohol.” He is then informed he’s being arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Near the end of the video, the officers realize who the person they’ve arrested is.

“Isn’t Marshawn Lynch the football player?” one of them asks just as the video ends. also reports that, per police records, a restraint chair was needed to draw blood from Lynch after a court order was obtained.