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Week 14 power rankings

Falcons Packers Football

Jeff Kahlow is seen outside Lambeau Field before an NFL football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons Monday, Dec. 8, 2014, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)


1. Green Bay Packers (last week No. 1; 10-3): The Green Bay defense could be moving toward its usual postseason form. Unfortunately.

2. New England Patriots (No. 2; 10-3): With the three AFC East rivals on the docket, anything other than 13-3 would be a surprise.

3. Seattle Seahawks (No. 3; 9-4): Allowing only 14 points to the Eagles is even more impressive than allowing six points combined to the Cardinals and 49ers.

4. Denver Broncos (No. 5; 10-3): The Broncos seem to be doing everything they can to Seahawk-proof the offense.

5. Arizona Cardinals (No. 6; 10-3): With the ascension of Kerwynn Williams, “Next Man Up” is becoming “Next Man No One Has Ever Heard Of Up.”

6. Philadelphia Eagles (No. 4; 9-4): Based on Sunday’s game against the Seahawks, cross Chip Kelly’s name off the San Francisco wish list.

7. Dallas Cowboys (No. 8; 9-4): Right state, wrong city when talking about an MVP candidate who could take it away from one of the quarterbacks.

8. Indianapolis Colts (No. 9; 9-4): Andrew Luck is racking up stats like Peyton Manning, and late-game wins like John Elway.

9. Detroit Lions (No. 10; 9-4): If Joe Buck thought Joseph Fauria’s touchdown dance was a disgusting act, Buck finally would have been right.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 11; 8-5): The Steelers “A” team showed up on Sunday. This week. The “B” team probably will make the trip to Atlanta.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (No. 7; 8-4-1): The Bengals “B” team showed up on Sunday. This week. The “A” team probably will make the trip to Cleveland.

12. Baltimore Ravens (No. 13; 8-5): Losing Haloti Ngata left the rest of the Baltimore defense more focused than they would have been if they were on Adderall.

13. San Diego Chargers (No. 12; 8-5): Bill Belichick said the San Diego stadium felt like a neutral site on Sunday night. By next year, San Diego technically may be a neutral site for the Chargers.

14. Houston Texans (No. 19; 7-6): Brian Hoyer’s next team could be pretty good next year.

15. Kansas City Chiefs (No. 14; 7-6): The Chiefs caught whatever the Raiders were carrying.

16. St. Louis Rams (No. 23; 6-7): Los Angeles could be getting a pretty good team.

17. Buffalo Bills (No. 15; 7-6): Doug Marrone’s job could hinge on beating the Packers on Sunday. If so, it may be time to start packing up the office.

18. Miami Dolphins (No. 16; 7-6): At this rate, Stephen Ross will get turned down by Jim Harbaugh for the second time in four years.

19. Minnesota Vikings (No. 22; 6-7): Mike Zimmer says it’s now Teddy Bridgewater’s team. (Translation: See ya, Adrian.)

20. San Francisco 49ers (No. 17; 7-6): Remember the commercial with Kaepernick using headphones to tune out crazed Seattle fans who hate him? They probably need to re-shoot it with crazed San Francisco fans who hate him.

21. Cleveland Browns (No. 18; 7-6): When Marvin Lewis called Johnny Manziel a midget, maybe he wasn’t referring to Manziel’s height.

22. Carolina Panthers (No. 26; 4-8-1): The Panthers passed on Victory Monday; why disrupt a routine?

23. New Orleans Saints (No. 20; 5-8): The Saints have figured out how to win on the road just as they’ve completely forgotten how to win at home.

24. Atlanta Falcons (No. 24; 5-8): Last night’s comeback underscores the fact that the Falcons have talent, which doesn’t bode well for the coaching staff.

25. New York Giants (No. 25; 4-9): Good news, the Giants will finish the year swinging. Bad news, at each other.

26. Chicago Bears (No. 21; 5-8): From paying Jay Cutler to hiring Marc Trestman, the “C” on the helmet now stands for “caveat emptor.”

27. Oakland Raiders (No. 32; 2-11): When they play the 49ers in four years at Santa Clara, will Jim Harbaugh be approaching his expiration date with the Raiders?

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 27; 2-11): At this point, getting the No. 1 pick would be much better than winning the division.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 28; 2-11): If the Jaguars host the Titans on national TV (as they will in nine days) and no one watches, does the game make a sound?

30. Tennessee Titans (No. 29; 2-11): Jake Locker has three more games to suffer one last debilitating injury with the Titans.

31. Washington (No. 30; 3-10): With four years of guaranteed salary left on his deal, Jay Gruden probably wishes he’d be one and done in D.C.

32. New York Jets (No. 31; 2-11): So how many G.M. candidates will pass on the job this time?