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Week Seven Power Rankings

The Vikings are the only undefeated team in the NFL, which means they get the honor of being number one in PFT's Power Rankings.

1. Vikings (5-0; last week No. 1): This weekend on FOX, the Vikings and Sammy Bradfridgewater visit the Eagles.

2. Patriots (5-1; No. 2): They weren’t necessarily crisp or dominant, and they still beat the Bengals by 18. In other words, it could be time to clear another spot in the trophy case.

3. Seahawks (4-1; No. 3): They haven’t been necessarily crisp or dominant all year, and they still keep winning. In other words, it could be time to secure the No. 1 seed in the NFC, again.

4. Cowboys (5-1; No. 10): America’s Team faces a decision almost as difficult as the one America faces.

5. Falcons (4-2; No. 6): A game-deciding non-call could end up deciding the fate of a team that now may be more likely to have to go back to Seattle in the playoffs.

6. Washington (4-2; No. 11): Where did the “Kirk Cousins can’t win without Jordan Reed” crowd go?

7. Packers (3-2; No. 3): Good news . . . the Packers traded for Knile Davis. Bad news . . . he doesn’t play quarterback.

8. Steelers (4-2; No. 5): A potentially special season is going to be derailed by an inability to beat not-so-special teams on the road.

9. Broncos (4-2; No. 7): The defense is somehow better. The offense is somehow worse.

10. Bills (4-2; No. 14): Are the Bills for real? They next two games (at Miami, vs. New England) will provide the answer.

11. Texans (4-2; No. 12): Winning games they should win will get them to the playoffs. Winning games they shouldn’t will get them to the Super Bowl.

12. Chiefs (3-2; No. 15): “Hungry Pig Right” isn’t just a barnyard warning.

13. Raiders (4-2; No. 8): Every time it looks like the Raiders are ready to be the Raiders again, they remind us that they’re not.

14. Cardinals (3-3; No. 18): David Johnson will soon be the best running back in the NFL. And by soon I mean right now.

15. Eagles (3-2; No. 9): The bye week was the equivalent of Samson getting a flattop.

16. Titans (3-3; No. 21): Kendall Wright has given the passing game a new dynamic, and the Titans are moving toward relevance, and the playoffs.

17. Giants (3-3; No. 22): With Odell Beckham Jr., the good outweighs the bad. But the corny outweighs both.

18. Lions (3-3; No. 23): The fact that the offense hasn’t missed a beat without Calvin Johnson needs to be remembered when it’s time to consider him for the Hall of Fame.

19. Ravens (3-3; No. 13): They’re performing well despite plenty of injuries, but the injuries are doing just enough to keep them from winning.

20. Buccaneers (2-3; No. 19): With three straight home games on the horizon and an 0-2 record in Tampa, the stands may soon be more full during a lightning delay.

21. Bengals (2-4; No. 16): Hue Jackson returns to Cincinnati with a team sufficiently talented to drop the Bengals even farther down this list.

22. Rams (3-3; No. 17): With the Rams in London, blue and yellow spotlights will be directed at Big Ben each night this week between the hours of 7-9.

23. Saints (2-3; No. 25): However this season turns out, Drew Brees is cementing his case for Canton.

24. Jaguars (2-3; No. 26): When the Raiders come to town, Jack Del Rio finally will get a chance to take a swim in a Jacksonville pool without paying the water bill.

25. Dolphins (2-4; No. 28): Most quarterbacks will perform well with good blocking, and most won’t without it.

26. Chargers (2-4; No. 31): Mike McCoy may have saved his job on Thursday night, but with games at Atlanta and Denver coming, the reprieve may be temporary.

27. Panthers (1-5; No. 20): A 10-game season starts after the bye, and the Panthers are still good enough to win most of them.

28. Colts (2-4; No. 24): Coach Chuck Pagano is “encouraged” by the team’s performance on Sunday night, which makes sense only if he’s hoping for a three-year buyout.

29. Jets (1-5; No. 27): If the Jets are going to use Geno Smith as a relief pitcher, they should consider firing up the bullpen before it’s 28-3.

30. 49ers (1-5; No. 29): Has any franchise gone from perennial contender to perennial laughingstock more quickly?

31. Bears (1-5; No. 30): Another week, another one-win team heads to prime-time.

32. Browns (0-6; No. 32): The Cavs and Indians have given the Browns perfect cover for a full-season tank.