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Week Seven power rankings

The Rams are the only undefeated team remaining in the NFL, so it makes sense that they're sitting on top of PFT's power rankings.

1. Rams (6-0; last week No. 1): The Greatest Shows-offs on Turf 2.0 finally were held under 30 points.

2. Saints (4-1; No. 3): The “Drew Brees is a Top Five Quarterback” argument will get a lot stronger if the Saints can win a second Super Bowl this year.

3. Patriots (4-2; No. 4): Go ahead and make those reservations for Atlanta in early February.

4. Chiefs (5-1; No. 2): A rematch with the Patriots may hinge on winning a home playoff game for the first time since Joe Montana was the quarterback.

5. Ravens (4-2; No. 8): A rematch between the Chiefs and Patriots may hinge on both teams avoiding this team in the divisional round.

6. Chargers (4-2; No. 9): A rematch between the Chiefs and Patriots may hinge on both teams avoiding this team in the divisional round.

7. Bengals (4-2; No. 5): The Bengals lose playoff games, and regular-season games that feel like playoff games.

8. Vikings (3-2-1; No. 11): Now that they’ve found their running game, the Vikings could be ready to make a run.

9. Packers (3-2-1; No. 13): Without the best quarterback in football, this team would be on track for 4-12 at best.

10. Steelers (3-2-1; No. 15): After Sunday’s game-winning play, they should be known as the Picksburgh Steelers.

11. Eagles (3-3; No. 12): When the best game of the year comes against the worst team in football, it’s hard to know how good to feel about it.

12. Dolphins (4-2; No. 16): Brock Osweiler isn’t who the Bears thought he was.

13. Washington (3-2; No. 23): If Washington could string a few wins together, they could steal the division.

14. Panthers (3-2; No. 6): It gets no easier this week with a trip to Philly.

15. Bears (3-2; No. 10): That loss to the Dolphins could stand out when the time comes to figure out the playoff tree.

16. Cowboys (3-3; No. 24): This team has less consistency than watered-down water.

17. Jaguars (3-3; No. 7): In their desire to get another crack at the Pats in the playoffs, the Jaguars apparently forgot that they first have to qualify.

18. Seahawks (3-3; No. 19): They need to thump a few good teams the way they thumped the Raiders in order to turn this season around.

19. Texans (3-3; No. 21): This trendy preseason pick to win the division is now in position to do it.

20. Lions (2-3; No. 20): The NFC North is there for the taking.

21. Falcons (2-4; No. 22): If the Tampa’s Unholy Roller had worked, it may have been the current Falcons coach, not the former Falcons coach, who lost his job this week.

22. Browns (2-3-1; No. 18): It took six weeks for them to lose decisively. Which counts as progress.

23. Titans (3-3; No. 17): When do the Titans starting asking hard questions about the future of the quarterback position?

24. Jets (3-3; No. 26): After beating a couple of inferior teams, the question now becomes whether they can beat a superior one.

25. Buccaneers (2-3; No. 14): Mark Duffner’s time as interim defensive coordinator could help prepare him to become interim head coach.

26. Bills (2-4; No. 25): Choosing between Nathan Peterman and Derek Anderson is like choosing between the gas chamber and the electric chair.

27. 49ers (1-5; No. 30): The outcome was expected, but the 49ers deserve credit for giving us an unexpected path to it.

28. Broncos (2-4; No. 27): If the Broncos had a traditional owner, they possibly would be on the verge of getting a new G.M.

29. Colts (1-5; No. 28): It’s getting harder to come up with reasons for hope.

30. Cardinals (1-5; No. 29): It’s getting harder to come up with reasons for hope.

31. Raiders (1-5; No. 31): Let’s hope the Raiders don’t lose during the bye week.

32. Giants (1-5; No. 32): Abandon hope all ye who enter here.