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Coyotes fire back at City of Glendale

PNI coyotes main 0102

Andrew Barroway


The war of words between the Arizona Coyotes and the City of Glendale shows no sign of a ceasefire.

In response to yesterday’s statement from the city that it won’t fight its legal case through the media, Coyotes president, CEO & co-owner Anthony LeBlanc (via FOX Sports Arizona’s Craig Morgan) had this to say:

“I think the only line that was missing in their statement was after they vowed they wouldn’t be negotiating via the media, they should have added: ‘Now let us attempt to negotiate via the media.’ Something about a pot and a kettle comes to mind.”

Frankly, all this sniping is not the best look for either side. But hey, it’s good for page views. So thanks, we suppose.

The Coyotes have expressed confidence that the city’s case to cancel its lease with the hockey club will not hold up in court.

The city, meanwhile, has maintained that important details of its argument have yet to be revealed to the public. Phoenix Business Journal has more on that, in case you somehow haven’t got your fill of this story.

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