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Eureka! Bruce Boudreau understands why they threw a duck on the ice

Dead duck

At first, Bruce Boudreau wasn’t sure why a Sharks fan threw a dead duck on the ice Monday in San Jose.

What could it mean?

Think, Bruce, think.

Oh, right.

“I might be the dumbest guy in the world, but I saw that, I saw that it was a duck, and I just got it,” Boudreau told the Orange County Register. “Just now. We’re the Ducks. I just got it, yeah.”

Granted, Anaheim’s new head coach was probably focused on the game. But the duck thing sure had him flummoxed.

“I was thinking, ‘Why are they throwing a duck?’” Boudreau said. “I’m thinking ostrich. I’m thinking whatever they throw in Detroit. I’m thinking, ‘Why are they throwing a duck?’ And now, hey, we’re the Ducks.

“I guess I was in Washington a little too long.”

Fair enough. Switching teams can be an adjustment. Though I’m not sure why Boudreau was ever thinking ostrich. He knows what an ostrich looks like, right? Pretty big.

Besides, why would a Sharks fan throw an ostrich? A message to Doug Wilson that he needs to get his head out of the sand and make some changes?

Actually, that makes sense.