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Fellow American goalie Schneider questions Thomas’ decision to skip White House visit

Cory Schneider

Don’t think we can classify this under “the Canucks and Bruins sure do hate each other,” but Vancouver goalie Cory Schneider, a Massachusetts native, did share a few thoughts on Tim Thomas passing up yesterday’s team visit to the White House.

“Every person is entitled to their rights, that’s the point of the constitution,” Schneider said, as reported by the Vancouver Sun. “You can have free speech, free religion, politics and all that stuff. So it’s absolutely Tim’s right. His beliefs are his own and that’s fine. It’s just the timing is a little odd. If your entire team is going, it’s about the team to kind of put your own agenda aside and maybe just show up in support.

“Obviously he believes strongly in his political views. But, as an American, I think we all have a little bit of respect for the position of the president. Whether you like the guy or not, he’s the president of the United States. Tim has made a great living and a great career in the United States and I’m sure he’s benefitted from tax-paying dollars and every other right that as an American citizen we all enjoy. It’s a little bit of a slight to sort of forget all that and choose to do this.”