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Former NFL players suing league over head injuries

Sidney Crosby

In news the NHL will be watching closely, the Associated Press is reporting that “more than 125 former pro football players” are suing the NFL, saying the league didn’t do enough to warn players about the dangers of head injuries.

Prominent class-action attorney Thomas Girardi says the goals of the litigation are threefold.

“One is to make necessary changes so that others playing this game don’t go the same way. The second goal is to set up a medical process so these people can have medical attention for this injury as long as they need it. And the third goal is to get compensation,” said Girardi. “Some of these people are unable to work in a work setting because of their inability to understand common concepts.”

The NFL maintains the players knew of the risks associated with playing football.

Through rule changes and tougher suspensions, the NHL has taken steps to address the problems of head shots in hockey, but did the league act soon enough to avoid similar litigation in the future?