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Is this suspension worthy? Shaw slams goalie Mike Smith


Mike Smith went behind his net to play the puck. Andrew Shaw ran into him at full force and appeared to make contact with his head. Beyond that, I think it’s best if you see the clip for yourself before I provide any further commentary.

Mike Smith didn’t even go to a quiet room under the suspicion of a concussion, so Brendan Shanahan will probably factor that into his decision. However, Shaw did get five minutes for charging and a game misconduct.

The cynic will say that Smith took a dive to try and make Shaw’s punishment harsher. After the hit, Chicago Sun-Times writer Adam Jahns tweeted, “How many people think Mike Smith was embellishing?”

Personally, I’m of the belief that what happens after a hit isn’t as important as the hit itself. Intent and whether or not the player was injured, should - in my mind - take a backseat to whether or not the hit was illegal and dangerous. That being said, having seen the hit, my gut feeling is there won’t be a suspension. What do you think?