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Matt Murray’s furry dog steals show during day with Stanley Cup


James OBrien

There’s been some awful news this weekend, to the point that even the NHL and Detroit Red Wings were tangentially involved.

In times like these, many of us turn to photos of dogs and birthday cakes. This post aims to provide both, along with some other lighthearted fun.

To start off, we have Matt Murray’s day with the Stanley Cup, which includes this wonderful dog:

Apparently that’s a Newfoundland or “Newfie” dog. No word yet on the name, so for now we can go with either doggo or Furry Murray.*

That breed can weigh in anywhere from 100-150 lbs., according to this wonderfully detailed entry from “Dog Time.”

The Newfoundland is a large, strong dog breed from — wait for it — Newfoundland. He was originally used as a working dog to pull nets for fishermen and haul wood from the forest. He is a capable and hardworking dog, well suited to work on land or water. He is a strong swimmer and equally strong “pack horse.” Sweet-natured and responsive, he makes a wonderful family companion as well.

Furry Murray does, indeed, look like a wonderful family companion.

/Replaces Hockey Analysis with Dog Time in bookmarks

(Should we put Murray’s dog in the pantheon with Anze Kopitar’s Gustl? Eh, it’s probably too early to have that conversation.)

In other fun and not particularly pressing hockey news, it’s Ales Hemsky’s birthday, so enjoy this photo of his Nutella cake and evidence of him sporting somewhat unexpected ink:

If you need further distractions, Mikael Backlund was at a wedding, Aleksander Barkov is a breakfast master, and there’s also this huge thread of dogs that aren’t immediately hockey-related.

* - Apparently the dog’s name is Beckham. Almost as good as Furry Murray, right?